Antminer E3 mining calculator


  • Computing speed: 190MH/S
  • Power Consumption: 760W + 7%
  • Chip Brand: ASIC MINING
  • Chip technology: 28nm
  • Type: e3 bitmain
  • Item model number: Antminer E3
  • Fit for: SHA256/BTC/BCH/ETH
  • Minable coins: ETH E3 Coins
  • Operating System: All Windows Server Versions 2000
  • 190mh/s: Antminer E3
  • Hash Rate: 190MH/S ±5%
  • Power:360 W + 7%

Antminer E3 mining calculator


Antminer E3 mining calculator

You can buy the antminer e3 here. The Bitmain company produces the Antminer E3. This mining device was released in July 2018, and it mines ETH on the Ethash ALgorithm with a maximum hash rate of 190Mh, and power consumption of 760W. Antminer E3 mining calculator

The Antminer E3 comes with a weight of 10500g and a very high Noise level of 76db. This causes the Antminer E3 to be regarded as a noise-producing mining machine. Antminer E3 mining calculator

It has just 2 fans that help in the regulation of temperature for the mining device. The power supply is not part of the E3. To get the power supply, you will need an ATX PSU with sufficient six-pin PCIe connectors. It has a low hash rate of 190Mh/s, which also requires a low power supply to mine the coin. The temperature suitable for the mining device to function is within the range of 0 – 40 degrees.

With a power supply from the ATX PSU, the miner consumes a power of 760W at a hash rate of 190Mh/s. The mining device’s efficiency will be optimal at 4j/Mh when the temperature is within 0 – 40. This is the range of temperature where the coins can be mined successfully; for new miners, monitoring the device temperature will be necessary to increase efficiency in the mining process.

The device also comes with 3 chipboards and weights 10.5kg. It operates over the Ethernet interface.

Power consumption of Bitmain Antminer E3 (190Mh)

The Antminer E3 has a power consumption of 760W. This is low compared to other miners and advisable for new miners to buy and start using. This is because of the power cost that is put into consideration when purchasing a miner.

The Antminer has a voltage range from 11.60~13.00 V. The Power supply is not included in the E3 and needs to be provided by the miner. Antminer E3 mining calculator

The miner would need a sufficient six-pin PCIe connector with an ATX PSU to get the Power supply. The device’s power consumption is an added advantage to the new miners because it will take less electricity cost for the mining device to use. Electricity cost differs from a different environment, and the fact that this device was produced to consume less power makes it a great choice for the miners to purchase.

The profitability of the Bitmain Antminer E3 (190Mh)

Considering the cost to get the power supply and the power consumed by the mining device, the profitability per day is at the estimate of $5.50/day, $154.64/Month, and $1,855.72/year. This is a great start for any new miner and is relatively profitable for the miners.

The Antminer E3(190Mh/s) has a low hash rate of 190Mh/s and low power consumption of 760W, resulting in a low mining cost. When compared to its profitability, it is not entirely discouraging to purchase. The profitability can be affected by the price of the coins in the market. As miners mine, an increase in the market price of the coin increases profitability.

antminer e3 for sale

The Antminer E3(190Mh/s) price is $6,600 and can be gotten from the Bitmain official page. The purchase comes without the Power supply unit and is required for the miner to get it. Antminer E3 mining calculator

Mineable Coins:

Most of the Mining coins mined by the Antminer E3(190Mh/s) are Ethereum classic, Etherum, Musicoin, Ubiq, pirl, Ethergem, and Callisto. All these coins are minable with the Ethash Algorithm.

For new miners, who want to get into mining, this device is advisable to get. Majorly because of its low power consumption and also its low hash rate. Antminer E3 mining calculator


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